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The Venice Fishing Pier is located at Brohard Park on the south end of the island of Venice.

The 700-foot pier is a great location for fishing and to end the day watching a beautiful sunset.

Connected to Sharky's on the Pier, the only beach front restaurant in the Venice area, the pier offers Papa's bait shop, with live & frozen bait, coffee, treats, jackets, shirts, and more...

Nearby are six picnic shelters, two sand volleyball courts, and public restrooms.

Open at all times, there is no fee to access the pier and the best part is that avid and amateur fisherman alike can fish from the pier without a fishing license.

NEW! at the Pier:

The bait shop is now selling Venetian Coffee! Warm up & fish!

 The bait shop has frozen shrimp, frozen squid, and frozen sardines.

Don't forget we have live shrimp too.

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Happy Fishing!


February 9, 2016

What a crazy two weeks out here. We have had everything from nice weather, to rain, to unruly cold temperatures for Florida, and the worst- Red Tide. Some days have been better than others when it comes to the Red Tide. As much as it pains me to say it, we have had a tougher time than usual with it out here. A lot of people coughing and sneezing and even a few dead fish have been washing ashore. If you are unfamiliar with Red Tide, it is a higher-than-normal concentration of a microscopic alga (plant-like organism) in the water. I highly reccomend clicking this MYFWC LINK to read more about it and have all of your questions answered. I will be updating our Facebook Page on the Red Tide situation as it changes as well. 

Now that  you are up to date on the situation, it is safe to say fishing has been awful. Not just because of the Red Tide, but the weather has been too cold! No one has been coming out to the pier in the early mornings like normal. 

Mother Nature always has a reason for doing what she does. Hopefully by this time next week I will have better news to report! Although fishing may not be the best this week, shark tooth hunting is always a fun activity to do with the kids. So come on out, enjoy some fresh air and sunshine in the meantime!

Until next week.



We really have been having some crazy weather out here on the pier. The last two weeks have been cold, windy, and we have seen a lot of rain. I hope everyone stayed safe while we were being hit with all of those storms! We had 36mph winds at the end of the pier. And the waves! Did anyone see them? I will post a few photos to show you. 

Sadly this lousy weather has made for slow fishing the last two weeks. I have only seen catfish and a few small flounder being caught. However last week we did have a few days throughout the week where bonnetheads were being caught in bounty.

I wish I had more to report when it comes to fishing, but there is not a whole lot going on out there. However, the sunsets out here have been unbelievable this week! Firey reds and oranges- almost like summer. If you have not been out to catch one I highly reccomend you make it a point to see one. It's always a beautiful thing to see and it's amazing to be reminded of natures beauty.

Hopefully next week I will have some more exciting tales to tell! Until then, fish on my friends!


Waves From The Storm



January 12, 2016

If you thought last week was cold, what do you think of this week? Believe it or not despite the frigid temperatures us Floridians are not accustomed to, fishing has been surprisingly well out on the pier. It has not been the best, but certainly not the worst. 

For the 5th week in a row Flounder fishing is in the lead. It has been another great week for catching them of acceptable sizes. It has also been another fair week for Snook fishing. Unfortunetely it is not Snook season so every Snook must be returned back to the water upon catching. There were a few Macs caught down at the end of the pier, along with a few large skates and rays. We see quite a few skates out here, they are truly one of nature's most beautiful creatures. If you would like more information on them please visit MYFWC

If you were out here this week you may have noticed the abundance of Pelicans out here. We did have a few incidents where pelicans were being caught on fishing line and hooks. I would also like to make note that the Wildlife Center of Venice is always more than happy to come out and assist with any Pelicans or other wildlife. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week ahead, and remember, if you catch any fish, or skates, or take a photo of our pier you wish to share please send us an email or post on our Facebook Page and we would love to feature it.

Happy Fishing! 



January 5, 2016

Brrr! Winter has finally arrived! It was a cold week out here on the pier, especially this weekend! We experienced a cold front Saturday and rain all day Sunday. However despite the unfortunate weather fishing was excellent! Although Snook are not currently in season to keep there were many caught out on the pier this week. If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to Snook fishing please visit MYFWC for more information on Snook regulations. 

Towards the end of the pier it was a great week for mackerels, especially in the early mornings around sunrise. Flounder of decent sizes ranging from 13-18 inches were being caught in bounty as well. It's always wonderful to see fish being caught out here, but remember to always fish responsibly. We currently have a full stock of Florida Wildlife Conservation guides that you may pick up for free at Papa's Bait Shop. These guides will inform you of legal limits, requirements, licensing, and can answer any questions you may have related to Gulf or Atlantic fishing here in Florida. 

I hope you all have made promising New Years resolutions as we enter 2016. Wishing you all the best from the pier, and happy fishing!


Snook and a Sunrise caught this weekend


December 29, 2015

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family this week. Out here on the pier we experienced a high of 85 on Christmas day, meaning out water temperatures have been higher as well. As we have seen in the past that usually means fishing becomes a little slow, however not this week! It was a fantastic week for larger flounder. 15, 16, and 17 inch flounder were being caught in the middle of the pier, as well as the end. Flounder that size make for a great sandwich, I do know from experience! It was also another fun week for black tip sharks! Although small ones, a few were pulled up towards the end of last week and into the weekend. We are expecting to see some cooler temperatures over the next few days, hopefully this has a positive effect on fishing and brings in some bigger bites! 

I would also like to let everyone know that the tide charts for January will be available at Papa's Bait Shop by the first of the year. Happy New Year and fish on my friends!



December 22, 2015

I hope you all survived Florida winter 12/19/15-12/20/15. It was very cold out on the pier this past weekend. Saturday it was 48 degrees before 10:00 am! Thankfully we are back up to higher temperatures, we are also thankful that fishing is finally improving again! For the first time in many weeks a black tip shark was caught off the end of the pier last Monday night. There has also been many Bonnetheads being caught in the afternoons off of the pier. Bonnetheads are the smallest member of the hammerhead family. They only grow to about 3.5 feet and only live an estimated 7 years. They are a fun shark to catch, putting up a great fight considering how small they are! For more information on Bonnetheads, Blacktips, and other sharks visit MFWC.

Despite the rain and cold over the weekend, throughout the week and even this morning we have had luck catching flounder and mackerel towards the end of the pier. A few bluefish have even made an appearance. It's wonderful to see fish returning back to our waters. Some say it's the water temperature, others the results of the beach re-nourishment, and some believe it's nature running its course. Whatever the reason for the fish disappearing and reappearing every few weeks, we need to remember to respect mother nature and only take what is in season, and what is size appropriate. All of us at the Bait Shop on the Pier are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding regulations, so stop by and say hello, grab a cup of coffee, and share a fish tale or two. Until next week, Happy Fishing.



  December 15, 2015

It has been a very slow week for fishing out here on the pier. The prize winning catches since last Tuesday have been flounder and lizard fish. The flounder have at least been of decent size. It is always fascinating to me how each week out here can be so different from the last. One minute fishing is fantastic, the next there is not a fish in sight. Nature always has a reason for that one way or another. Despite the poor fishing, we've had some incredible sunrises and sunsets this week. At least we can always count on the sun to always rise and set! Hopefuly this week ahead we will have better luck. Fish on my friends! 



December 8, 2015

It’s been an exciting week out here on the pier! This past weekend in the early morning, about 7 A.M we had a run of jacks and blues! Although this only lasts for a short period of time, it is a great experience to see everyone pulling up fish one after another. If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page, you can see a few videos from this weekend that were posted. I’ll also include a few photos at the end of the report. Flounder of reasonable size have been caught this week as well. I’ve witnessed several 17 and 18 inch ones brought up this week.

The temperature out here in the mornings and evenings has been dropping, which makes for a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate, come see us and enjoy a cup with us. We always enjoy meeting our readers and hearing a good fish tale or two!

We want to remind everyone that this coming Saturday, the 12th, the Bait Shop will be closed in the morning and will not be open until mid afternoon.

Here’s to another great week on the pier!


Some of this weeks catches! 


December 1, 2015

We’ve been having chilly mornings and evenings out here on the pier, but the afternoon temperatures remain in the upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Also our water temperature has finally been dropping! Water temp has been between 73 and 77 degrees all week around the pier. This has been great for flounder fishing! In the early mornings, all the way until mid afternoon flounder of decent sizes have been caught off of the pier. At the end of the pier there were a few kings caught as well. It was a slow week for bonito, sharks, and other species though. Hopefully this week ahead we will have better luck!

It has been a fun Snook season out on the pier, but as of December 1st Snook season is officially closed and will not re-open until the end of February. For more information regarding Snook season please visit MYFWC

We hope to see you out on the pier this week. Even if it’s just for a morning coffee, or evening sunset. And remember, if you have any photos you’d like to share with us, drop us an email!

Until next week, Happy fishing! 


Some photos from our Fall Family Fishing Tournament! 





November 24, 2015

It has been quite the week on the Pier! We've had sun, we've had humidity, we've had rain, and we've had a cold front. Wow! It's amazing what nature can do in such a short period of time. We had a lot of fun out here this week. Bonito and Kings were being caught left and right- even on our rainiest morning! We had a great Cobia caught, Flounder of decent size were being brought up, and even some Snook! Speaking of Snook don't forget that season closes in one week! December 1st Snook season will be closed. So fish for them while you can! Remember though, they need to be between 28 and 33 inches and you may only harvest one per day. 

Don't forget that our Fall Family Fishing Tournament is THIS SATURDAY! Grab the kids and come out, it is always a great time. You can sign up by either sending us an email, or coming out to Papa's Bait Shop. 

We also have created a new Facebook page! If you haven't seen it yet,  CLICK HERE and check it out. If you have any photos from our Pier please send us an email, we'd love to post them on our page!

Hopefully you can make it out to the Pier this week and join us. Have a cup of coffee, catch a fish or two, and enjoy a sunrise or a sunset. We always love to meet our readers and hear their fish tales. 

 May you all have a wonderful and safe Holiday week. 



November 17, 2015

About time we saw a little bit of a cold front! The cooler temperatures this past week dropped our water temperature to 76-78 degrees. Towards the end of the pier this week barracudas, bonito, and kingfish were being caught. I’ll include some photos at the end of our post. Barracudas, Bonito, and Gulf Kings fall under “unregulated species.” “Unregulated” can be misleading because standard recreational gear requirements still apply, and there is a default bag limit established by Florida Statute for any species harvested by a recreational angler. If you have any questions or concerns on unregulated species CLICK HERE to read more from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

There were not many flounder caught this week, but there were plenty of bluefish and mackerel! While fishing Saturday evening the gentleman next to me pulled up 5 bluefish of decent size in less than an hour. My luck was not so great, but it was still fun. Which makes me want to remind you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro angler, or a beginner. Get out and fish! Take a friend fishing, take a kid fishing, take a brother, sister, parent- go out and have fun. Watch a sunrise, catch a sunset, have a few laughs. It’s good to get out of the house, and we’re always up to something on the pier! To all of our families out there- DON’T FORGET! Fall Family Fishing Tournament is Saturday November 28thClick Here for more information or drop us an email! Happy Fishing!


Some of this weeks catches!


November 10, 2015

The kingfish and bonito have been here this week! Despite the pier being closed most of this past weekend there was still a lot of action going on earlier this week. I’ve attached a few photos below of some of the bonito and kings that were brought up in the last 7 days. Unfortunately the water temperature was still in the mid 80’s this week and the weather was at a record high temperature for November. This isn’t the best for fishing, but it certainly beats stormy weather and catfish!

Don’t forget Snook season is still open! Until December 1st you are able to catch Snook and keep one per day as long as it is between 28 and 33 inches. This week they were gathering around the pier in bounty. Along with them there were tons of sheephead gathering by the pylons.

As of today, Tuesday November 10th, the water was a little choppy and this morning was pretty stormy. But we’re hoping for some cooler weather this week! I’d also like to touch base on the red tide condition. Thankfully there has not been any red tide in water or the air around the pier for the last few weeks.

We’d love to see you on the pier this week! Stop by for a coffee, or come see some of our new fun Papa’s shirts  and hats we have at Papa’s Bait Shop! Happy Fishing!


Some of this weeks catches!



November 3, 2015

Fishing was a little slow earlier this week due to the heavy amounts of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. This brought choppy and cloudy water and of course- catfish. However the week cleared up and fishing did improve. As of this past weekend there were quite a few mackerel being caught at the end of the pier, and the occasional flounder in the early mornings and later evenings. The water temperature is still averaging around 80 degrees, which is still on the warm side. But as we enter November and these cooler months, the temperature will drop and we hope to see fishing improve. Unfortunately this upcoming weekend there will be no fishing allowed on the pier from Friday November 6th at 11:59PM until Sunday November 8th at Noon. This is because of “The Challenge Florida Triathlon” The pier will be open for walking, enjoying sunrise and sunset. Papa’s Bait and Snack Shop will be open at our regular hours for coffee, snacks, apparel, and for bait and tackle supplies if you plan on fishing at another location for the day.  I would also like to remind everyone about our Fall Family Fishing Tournament November 28th. If you have any questions about the tournament check out our Calendar of Events Page or drop us an email!

Red Tide has still been very light around the pier and has not been affecting fishing. We will continue to update this on our home page as needed, or until the Red Tide is officially gone.

We always appreciate our readers and would love for you to come out if you haven't already! Stop by the Bait Shop to get the latest info on what’s biting, and what they’re biting on. The Bait Shop Crew is here to help you with information and is always happy to share a few ‘fish stories’ over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Here’s to another great week on the pier!



October 27, 2015

Bonito have been making an appearance around the pier this week! Sunday morning Bob caught not only one, but two just before 9 AM! Some of our other fishermen were not so lucky and lost their battle with the Bonito, but had a fun time nonetheless. Bonito are an unregulated species, which means you may only keep two fish, or 100 pounds per person, per day- or whichever is more. They are not highly recommended for eating, but they sure are fun to catch. For more information on unregulated species such as Bonito, check out The Florida Wildlife Conservation Website. 

If you’ve been following me the last few weeks you’ll know that Flounder fishing has been fantastic out here on the pier. Early mornings and later evenings (around sunset) have been the best time to catch Flounder. Remember, Flounder need to be at least 12 inches and you may only harvest 10 per day. Also don’t forget- Snook season is still open! With the water being so clear this week we have been able to see a lot of Snook swimming around, they’re a great fish to catch and even to eat. Season closes December 1st so come out and get them while you can! Please be mindful that they are a hook and line fish only, and you may keep 1 per day. The size requirement is to be no less than 28 inches, and no more than 33 inches.

A few Kingfish have been caught this week at the end of the pier. Kings are a schooling fish that migrate from south Florida waters in winter, so we’re hoping to see more of those in the next few weeks as the weather changes. I would also like to touch base on the red tide condition. Thankfully we have not had a problem with it on our beach or around the pier. We will keep you updated on our homepage if this changes throughout the week. 

Whether you’re fishing for Sharks, Flounder, or Snook, or just want to catch a sunset or sunrise, we hope to see you on the pier this week. And remember, if you have a photo from our pier you’d like to share with us, send us an email, we’d love to feature you! Happy Fishing!


Bob and the Bonito he caught this Sunday!


October 20, 2015

It’s amazing how much can change in one week. We have  so much  to catch up on!

If you’ve been out to the pier in the last few days and noticed the traps out in the distance, that is because stone crab season has opened. You can see a great video about how to harvest stone crab claws in our Tip of the Week section. Like with anything stone crabbing comes rules. Some of the most important ones are that claws must be 2 1/3-inches, and you cannot harvest egg-bearing crabs. There is also trap specifications you will need to know if stone crabbing is something you think you may want to become involved in. For more information regarding stone crabbing, traps, and other information, visit the MYFWC website for all rules, regulations, and facts.

There has also been a noticable temperature drop this week! This cold front has caused the early mornings to start out at a chilly 65-68 degrees with heavy wind. It’s a nice change, and a reminder that winter is coming… This week we also experienced the coldest water temperature of the year- 79 degrees! Although the temperature drop in water brings back some of our favorite fish, this coldfront has also clouded up our water. Don’t worry though- I’ve still seen some great catches this week! I’ve witnessed two 18 inch flounder, a few king fish at the end of the pier, and yesterday morning the mackerel were leaping out of the water every few minutes. It was a great site to see, and a reminder of how fascinating nature can be and how we should never take advantage of it.

Despite the cold weather out here we hope you come out to the pier and see us this week. Have some coffee with us, or if you prefer hot chocolate, and come catch a fish- or at the very least a sunrise or a sunset…

See you soon!



October 13, 2015

The flounder are back!!! It’s been a great week for flounder fishing here on the Venice Fishing Pier! Especially in the early mornings just before sunrise , and in the shallow waters closer to shore. If you plan on coming out and having a go at flounder fishing remember to only keep those that are of legal size. For flounder that is 12 inches. You are allowed 10 per harvest per day. For any more questions about flounder visit the MYFWC website. There you will find habitat and fishing tips, gear requirements, and much more!

In other news the water temperature continues to drop and is averaging the low to mid 80’s throughout the day. The cooler the water becomes the more fish that come back! The water clarity has also been great too, crystal clear, beautiful blue water. You have to see it to believe it. And rumor has it there were a few pompano caught over the weekend here too…

We’re expecting another cold front this week, so bundle up, come on out to the pier, have a cup of warm coffee, catch a sunrise, and maybe a fish too! We'd love to see you!



October 6, 2015

Ladyfish here! Papa's been so busy lately that it’s been a while since we've given you an update! But I can assure you  that you can expect one weekly now. If you haven’t visited us on the pier in a while come on down! The first thing you’ll notice is that our Bait Shop has been given a facelift, new paint is the first thing you’ll see. You might also notice that our beach has been re-nourished! It’s beautiful and much larger. Now let’s get to the important stuff-How’s the fishing been?

Early in the week we experienced a small cold front accompanied by some choppy water, wind, and light rain throughout the day-this led to a lot of catfish being caught here on the pier. But with the weather clearing up, and with the water temperature slowly starting to cool down, we can expect fishing to pick up!

It was a slow summer, but schools of greenbacks are finally making an appearance daily, and you know what that means! This brings in the larger fish in great varieties. And don’t forget! Snook season is still open and they can be seen schooling in the shallow water at the beginning of the pier. Remember though, please be a considerate angler and only keep the snook, and also other fish, that are of legal size. If you are unsure of what is in season and what the legal size for certain fish are, please stop by Papa’s Bait Shop and pick up a free Fishing Regulations magazine. It has all of the regulations and information you will need on both snook legalities, and other good-eatin’ fish. You can also find this information on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. 

Come out to the pier and join us! Come out in the AM when it’s cooler, enjoy a hot coffee, take a minute to catch the sunrise! Or in the evening where you can always enjoy a perfect sunset over the gulf. And who knows, you may even catch some fish…



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