Venice Fishing Pier
1600 Harbor Dr. S.
Venice, FL 34285

No Fishing License Required

The Venice Fishing Pier is located at Brohard Park on the south end of the island of Venice.

The 700-foot pier is a great location for fishing and to end the day watching a beautiful sunset.

Connected to Sharky's on the Pier, the only beach front restaurant in the Venice area, the pier offers Papa's bait shop, with live & frozen bait, coffee, treats, jackets, shirts, and more...

Nearby are six picnic shelters, two sand volleyball courts, and public restrooms.

Open at all times, there is no fee to access the pier and the best part is that avid and amateur fisherman alike can fish from the pier without a fishing license.

NEW! at the Pier:

The bait shop is now selling Venetian Coffee! Warm up & fish!

 The bait shop has frozen shrimp, frozen squid, and frozen sardines.

Don't forget we have live shrimp too.

To all you fisherman - male and female: This site is for you and we want to see your photos on it. Submit a cool fishing photo from the Venice Fishing Pier and we'll get it on here ASAP!

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Happy Fishing!


October 13, 2015

The flounder are back!!! It’s been a great week for flounder fishing here on the Venice Fishing Pier! Especially in the early mornings just before sunrise , and in the shallow waters closer to shore. If you plan on coming out and having a go at flounder fishing remember to only keep those that are of legal size. For flounder that is 12 inches. You are allowed 10 per harvest per day. For any more questions about flounder visit the MYFWC website. There you will find habitat and fishing tips, gear requirements, and much more!

In other news the water temperature continues to drop and is averaging the low to mid 80’s throughout the day. The cooler the water becomes the more fish that come back! The water clarity has also been great too, crystal clear, beautiful blue water. You have to see it to believe it. And rumor has it there were a few pompano caught over the weekend here too…

We’re expecting another cold front this week, so bundle up, come on out to the pier, have a cup of warm coffee, catch a sunrise, and maybe a fish too! We'd love to see you!

-Ladyfish (Papa's Helper)


October 6, 2015

Ladyfish here! Papa's been so busy lately that it’s been a while since we've given you an update! But I can assure you  that you can expect one weekly now. If you haven’t visited us on the pier in a while come on down! The first thing you’ll notice is that our Bait Shop has been given a facelift, new paint is the first thing you’ll see. You might also notice that our beach has been re-nourished! It’s beautiful and much larger. Now let’s get to the important stuff-How’s the fishing been?

Early in the week we experienced a small cold front accompanied by some choppy water, wind, and light rain throughout the day-this led to a lot of catfish being caught here on the pier. But with the weather clearing up, and with the water temperature slowly starting to cool down, we can expect fishing to pick up!

It was a slow summer, but schools of greenbacks are finally making an appearance daily, and you know what that means! This brings in the larger fish in great varieties. And don’t forget! Snook season is still open and they can be seen schooling in the shallow water at the beginning of the pier. Remember though, please be a considerate angler and only keep the snook, and also other fish, that are of legal size. If you are unsure of what is in season and what the legal size for certain fish are, please stop by Papa’s Bait Shop and pick up a free Fishing Regulations magazine. It has all of the regulations and information you will need on both snook legalities, and other good-eatin’ fish. You can also find this information on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website. 

Come out to the pier and join us! Come out in the AM when it’s cooler, enjoy a hot coffee, take a minute to catch the sunrise! Or in the evening where you can always enjoy a perfect sunset over the gulf. And who knows, you may even catch some fish…

-Ladyfish (Papa's Helper)        

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